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5 tips for building your U.S. credit score

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What is credit score and why should you care?

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common car loan mistakes to avoid in the us

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Car Loan in the US

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should international students buy or lease car in the united states

Should International Students Buy or Lease a Car in the US?

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car buying tips for internationals

The International's Guide on Buying a Car in the U.S.

College students looking to purchase a new car should consider more than the sticker price when budgeting for costs. The cost of purchasing a new or used vehicle goes beyond what you pay a dealer or seller, and that doesn’t just refer to…

Safe Winter Driving Tips for Internationals

Drivers who are new to snow and ice covered roads may feel overwhelmed about the care and precaution that goes along with driving in this winter weather. But if you live in the northeast, snowy winter driving is another part of everyday life…
best winter activities for international students

Best Winter Activities for International Students around New England

Although some people think that wintertime in the North East is just for cuddling up and staying warm, there are plenty of adventures to be had throughout New England in the great outdoors! Whether you love extreme sports, enjoy the changing…
the complete internationals' guide to buying a used car in the us

The Complete Internationals' Guide to Buying a Used Car in the US

If you have decided that it’s time for you to buy a used car, you may be overwhelmed with the process of going through a dealership. The negotiation process is enough to keep even the most courageous driver at home! When dealership prices…

Winter Break Ideas for International Students in New England

Winter in New England is a special time of year. Many people live in the New England because they love to experience all four seasons, and winter is not one to be missed! If you’re an international student hanging around for the holidays,…
car lease for international students

Should International Students Buy or Lease a Car in the US?

If you are an international student in the US finding yourself needing a car for the first time, you’ve probably heard of leasing.  In this article, we will discuss how can international students buy or lease a car in the US.  To some,…

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