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“I am an international student from Turkey enrolled in an ELS program and pursuing Aviation School. As soon as I got to the U.S., I needed a car for my daily commute. However, like many others in my situation, I could not get financing for the car I really wanted. I was desperately looking to get car financing anywhere. There was simply no option other than paying incredibly high interest rates and being taken advantage of. Finally, I came across Lendbuzz on the internet and applied right away. It took just 2 hours to receive the best offer. Throughout the purchase process, the Lendbuzz team was extremely responsive and helpful. Now, here I am driving a Volkswagen GTI!”

  • Ilker, CSI , Turkey, Volkswagen GTI


“Thank you Lendbuzz for helping me purchase my Outlander Sport!

As an international in the US, I was facing challenges to buy my new car, because I had no credit history! But with financing from Lendbuzz, getting the car I really wanted was simple, quick and straightforward: filled the forms and sent the required documents, and the Lendbuzz resolved everything with the car dealer!

The best thing about Lendbuzz is that they simplify everything to you and buying a car becomes something easy, even for internationals!”

  • Juliano, Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Brazil, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


“As an international in the U.S., I was facing some challenges. With no credit history and not a lot of savings, it was hard to get a loan.

With financing from Lendbuzz, getting the car I really wanted was so easy! In just a couple a couple of days I was able to drive my new car home.

The best thing about Lendbuzz is how easy was to apply and how fast they got back with an approval. I will definitely recommend it to any international living in the U.S.”

  • Ema , Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, Volkswagen Passat


“Our family recently relocated to the U.S. for work and without credit history, we were not even able to get a U.S. credit card… Planning for the future, we wanted to start building our credit score. We got an excellent rate from Lendbuzz and the whole process took less than a week! Lendbuzz was the only auto-loan service that really catered for us as expats arriving to the U.S.

Thank you Lendbuzz for helping us purchase our lovely Toyota RAV4!”

  • Hagar , Philips , Israel, Toyota RAV4


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