What Car Should I Buy?

car financeThere are plenty of fish in the sea, and even more cars on the market. Which one is the right one for you? The answer, of course, depends on your needs. Check out our recommendations for different student profiles. Maybe you’ll find yourself here – and the car of your dreams!

The “Barney Stinson/Carrie Bradshaw” (Or: The Ultimate Bachelor)

Young, ambitious, and in need of adrenaline rush? Living in a great apartment in the city, where the action is? School is important, sure, but so is living the good life. So what’s better than an award-winning, high-performance luxury car? Any model of BMW 3 Series will offer you an impressive combination of design, dynamics and functionality for an awesome ride, whether you’re going to your favorite downtown bar or on a road trip to Atlantic City with some friends.

The “Monica and Chandler” (Or: The Power Couple)

No longer into the constant excitement of phase I, but still a few years ahead of you before going into the stability of phase III. Living with your other half in a nice little apartment, close to school? You love nature and need a car so you can go traveling on long weekends (and for occasional grocery shopping)? Sporty-looking Toyota RAV4 will offer you all the comforts you need in a car, from smart technology and integrated safety systems to dynamic performance and personal space. A cozy, elegant car for a couple on the go.

The “Homer and Marge Simpson” (Or: Modern Family)

You love your spouse and children (even when they drive you crazy). But a family needs more space – that’s why you moved slightly further from the city to a bigger house. You need a car roomy enough for 2+ kids, a dog, and a bunch Costco bags. Affordable Mitsubishi Outlander has 7-passenger seating, and it is one of the safest cars out there. Definitely something to consider when driving your little ones to daycare on your way to school.

So what will it be for you? If you’re still unsure, or if you couldn’t find yourself in this post, give us a call at Lendbuzz. We’re always happy to give an advice, and of course – help you finance the car you choose!


Lendbuzz  is an online lender for expats & international students in the U.S. Our car financing platform offers international professionals attractive car financing solutions – without U.S. credit history or SSN.

If you are looking to buy a car –  new or pre-owned – Lendbuzz partners with a wide range of auto dealers, to offer you a seamless car purchasing experience. Lendbuzz offers the lowest rates, quick & easy online approval (less than 5 minutes), and consulting services on how to build your U.S. credit history.

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Lendbuzz is an online platform providing car loan for international students and car loan for expats in the U.S.

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