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What is a credit score and why should You care?

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5 tips for building your U.S. credit score

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black friday car shopping tips

The Best Black Friday Car Shopping Tips for Internationals in the US

The seasons are changing and if you’re in the US for Thanksgiving, there are probably two things on your mind: eating turkey, and shopping on Black Friday. Black Friday takes advantage of the week day that many Americans have off from…

The Benefits of Owning a Car in the US for Internationals and Expats

Getting a new job in a major American city is a milestone for everyone, including expats and international professionals who are continuing their careers here in the US. If you are new to your area, you may still be deciding the best way…
international student guide to driver's license

The International Student Guide to Driver's License in the US

Whether you’re new to the United States to study or to work, or just find yourself needing a car for the first time as a foreign national, the process of getting a US Driver’s License can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve…

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